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Updated: Oct 21, 2023

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I often get asked about the eight trigrams, what they are, and what their significance is in Feng Shui practice. The eight trigram binary numbers originate from the I Ching, (aka "The Book of Changes") an ancient Chinese divination text. The 8 trigrams play a significant role in understanding the concepts of YIN and YANG AND FENG SHUI.

Yin and yang represent the dual forces (opposites) or energies that exist in everything. The 8 trigrams, also known as Ba Gua, are symbols that depict various combinations of yin and yang.

In feng shui, the 8 trigrams are used to analyze and determine the energy flow or qi in a space. Each trigram represents a number, element, direction, colour, season, areas of the body and family member. By understanding how these trigrams interact with each other, feng shui practitioners can harmonize the energy in a space to promote balance, prosperity, and well-being.

Each trigram consists of three lines, broken (yin) or unbroken (yang), resulting in eight possible combinations.

These combinations represent natural phenomena and human experiences, creating a symbolic language used for centuries to gain insights into the universe's workings. The principles behind the eight trigrams have found their way into various fields, such as computer science and mathematics. These binary representations hold significant importance in digital systems and programming. Binary code is at the core of all modern computing systems. It consists of ones and zeros that represent electrical signals within computers. The two states of on (1) and off (0) create a binary language that forms the foundation for complex computations and operations. When we look at the eight trigrams this way, we see a parallel between their symbolic representations and binary code. The yin lines can be equated with zeros (off state), while yang lines can be associated with ones (on state). We can translate these values into their corresponding binary representation by assigning them to each line within a trigram. This connection between the ancient symbolism of I Ching's eight trigrams and modern-day binary code highlights an intriguing parallel between traditional wisdom and cutting-edge technology. It serves as a reminder that even today, in this modern era of technology, we can often connect to the wisdom of our ancient ancestors.

Ancient wisdom and symbolism are crucial in harnessing energy flow and creating harmony within our living spaces in Feng Shui. One key aspect that holds significant importance in this practice is the concept of the Eight Trigrams. The Bagua consists of these eight trigrams, including the Tai Chi symbol in the center.

Everyone has our own personal Trirgram also called “Life Gua, Life Star, Life path number) based on our date of birth and gender. This information is helpful to determine how supportive our enviornment and personal energy work together energetically.

Description of the 8 Trigrams:

CHIEN/QIAN - The Creative: Representing HEAVEN, Qian symbolizes strength, innovation, and expansion. It encourages us to think big and live up to our highest potential. (Northwest)

KUN - The Receptive: Associated with EARTH energy, Kun embodies nurturing qualities such as stability, grounding, and fertility. It reminds us to embrace patience and adaptability. (Southwest)

KAN - The WATER: Symbolizing water elements like flow and introspection, Kan encourages us to embrace change while adapting to life's ebb-and-flow moments. (North)

LI - The FIRE: Li ignites passion, enthusiasm, positivity, and creativity in our lives, fostering transformative energy needed for success while igniting motivation within us. (South)

CHEN/ZHEN - The THUNDER: As an embodiment of movement and growth like thunderbolts in nature, it implies auspiciousness while encouraging upward momentum and progress within all aspects of life. (East)

XUN/SUN- The WIND symbolizes flexibility & creativity, enabling conversations, demonstrating charisma and, enforcing harmony, improving communication and relationships which is essential for harnessing prosperity and abundance in life.(Southeast)

KEN/GEN – The MOUNTAIN: Representing stability, Gen evokes strength, wisdom, perseverance, and endurance amidst challenges. It reminds us to stand firm in all endeavours. (Northeast)

TUI/DUI- The LAKE: Bringing forth joy, harmony, fun and emotional well-being, Dui promotes nurturing relationships and open communication. (West)

The Eight Trigrams provide us with a fascinating insight into Feng Shui principles by connecting us with the forces of nature within our living spaces. Whether fostering creativity or promoting stability, the eight trigrams are excellent tools for Feng Shui experts and enthusiasts to analyze how humans and our environment are intricately connected.

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