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Updated: Nov 20, 2022

The Holiday season is a joyous time when family and friends celebrate religious and cultural festivities at the end of the year. However, Christmas and holidays create a myriad of emotions. It may be the first Holiday without a beloved family member, or perhaps you are away from home due to work or other service duties. In Feng Shui, these opposing emotions of joy vs sadness are comparable to the "Yin" and "Yang" theories. The Holidays are usually a very "Yang" season, with the vibrant coloured lights, the chaos in the shopping malls, and the never-ending Christmas songs that evoke memories, or the worry of overspending and overindulgence. Using the ancient principles of Classical Feng Shui, we can reduce the effect of overwhelm and balance this "yang" energy in our inner and outer environments. Energy (Qi) flows better when there is balance in our environment. Optimal Qi flow is enhanced when the five elements (earth, water, metal, wood and fire) are correctly synced. These five elements are signified by specific colour energy and more. The five elements also are represented by their actual elemental energy. Feng Shui Practitioners use colour energy as a very effective method to create a balanced energetic space in our homes. I hope you find this helpful and valuable information while navigating the 2022 Holidays.. We all know how colour affects our feelings and can stimulate action in human behaviour. Colour is a light source based on frequency and vibrations. Light is energy. Colour is energy. Colour can be absorbed into the skin cells and deeper tissue. Many Holistic Practitioners use colour therapy as an excellent tool to heal people physically, emotionally & spiritually. We can equate personal energy to our "Inner Feng Shui."

RED: We all react to the colour red on a physical level. Red is a beautiful colour. It is warm and passionate. However, too much red can create aggressive & restless behaviour in people. This is due to the psychological and physiological that red energy emits. Red triggers our survival mode, such as the "fight or flight "theory. Decorating your home with too much colour red may create over-stimulation and can cause stress for everyone, including children, to be hyperactive. An abundance of red may increase our blood pressure by activating our blood flow. In Feng Shui, the colour red represents the Fire element. I suggest keeping intense red colours in balance with other colours on the spectrum when decorating over the Holidays. You can substitute bright red with orange, such as pink or violet.


Colours such as blue, white and silver which have a "cooling" effect, can be used with red to balance the Yang energy. Try adding these colours to "calm" down the stimulation that red creates. Blue and silver together create a feeling of clarity and calm. Blue has a cooling and peaceful effect on People Blue is also the colour of communication. Black and dark colours can add more "Yin." (Please note I am using the phrase "yin" in this case to describe "cool.)" The shades of blue and black in Feng Shui represent the element of water. YELLOW: Having difficulty deciding what Christmas gifts to buy for that special person?


Yellow, the sunshine and life force colour, can reduce mental confusion. Yellow and earth tones are associated with the earth element in Feng Shui and are very grounding. Why not wear something yellow while shopping? You may also use a yellow highlighter to outline the never-ending list of Christmas chores. Yellow gives our brain more clarity and focus and increases our memory power. The colour yellow has a cleansing effect on the mind and body, which is very soothing. Spritz some lemon essential oil around your home and on yourself for a quick boost of energy and self-confidence! Why not try a bright yellow cocktail (or mocktail) after an arduous shopping day?

ORANGE: A lovely way to bring orange colour into your home at Christmas is an orange pomander with cloves. The happy colour of orange is friendly and outgoing. Orange stimulates creativity which is excellent for wrapping those Christmas gifts! For a lovely centrepiece, you can place a bowl of 8 or 9 oranges or orange pomanders in a bowl for a burst of cheer! (The numbers 8 and 9 in Feng Shui are lucky.) Enjoy the blissful fragrance of those orange pomanders.

Place a bowl of 8 or 9 Orange pomanders in a bowl for a burst of cheer! (The numbers 8 and 9 in Feng Shui are lucky.) Orange energy is an excellent shock absorber when you get your post -Holidays credit card bill! (LOL) Enjoy the blissful fragrance of those orange pomanders.


Gold represents success & abundance in Feng Shui. Place those shiny gold baubles in the West and Northwest areas of your home or rooms where you spend a lot of time.* These two directions in Feng Shui are associated with gold and metal elements.

*In BTB or Western Feng shui (non-directional),

place metal objects in the lower front and middle section of your home or room in the Children and Creativity area & Helpful People& Travel gua.

**In Classical Chinese Feng Shui, you must use a compass to get a proper direction. You can usually find the directions to your home when you stand and look out your front door. Now, there are times when the "facing" of your house is not where your front door is but the area that is the most "YANG," meaning busy or has a vast open space such as a lake or golf course. It's best to have a professional Feng Shui Consultant verify this. **


Green is a relaxing colour that can help calm anxiety during the Holidays. Green is very soothing on the eyes, so beneficial for reading and resting. Green represents the wood element in Feng Shui, symbolized by the beloved Christmas Tree. The colour green signifies healing, new beginnings and growth, a beautiful metaphor for a New Year. Green energy brings harmony and is the complementary colour to red. In Feng Shui, the East represents the wood element and is associated with green.

Feng shui is about living with everything that uplifts your soul. These suggestions I have discussed here are only Feng Shui guidelines to help you harmonize your personal "Qi" over the Festive season. Remember to have fun decorating, and let those Christmas bells ring to call in fresh Heavenly "Chi." Sound is an excellent way to activate positive Qi in the environment by raising the vibration of a space. Keep an area in your home clutter-free where you can relax with a warm beverage or glass of wine after a busy shopping day or attending the children's Christmas concert. Remember to take some time out for yourself. A long bubble bath also reduces stress and cleanses the aura. Self-care is essential for reducing stress and balancing your personal energy and spirit.

I wish everyone a healthy and very Happy Holiday Season and Merry Christmas 2022!

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