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Front Entrance Feng Shui

Updated: Feb 25

In Feng Shui the front door is known as the "mouth of the Chi" or threshold for luck and possibilities. The front entrance is where the "Chi" collects and enters. In Feng Shui "Chi" is the universal energy and life force in all things. Feng Shui teaches us how to "tap" into this energy to help our lives run smoother and to bring more happiness and some tools to diffuse negative energy.

Our front door is a reflection of how were are seen in the public eye and neighborhood. When our front entrance is welcoming and open we are inviting positive energy and opportunities. On the flip side if the landscaping is overgrown with obstacles in the pathway it can be viewed as a metaphor for obstacles in our lives. We cannot reach our goals as easily because of the negative Chi created by a stagnant or blocked front door and entrance.

There are many options today for a front door. In Feng Shui it is important your front door is solid, secure and private. I feel it is a personal choice depending on where you reside and your personal style.

We opted for a front door with solid glass insert with decorative strong metal which gives the door a very secure foundation. Automatic electric blinds inside the door keep the world out at night. In the day we receive much light which is very important where we live in Canada where daylight is very short in the winter months


As a Feng Shui Consultant it is important for me to " walk my talk" practicing the same Feng Shui principles I share with my clients. The time had come for our home to receive a front entrance "face lift". We had a brand new front door installed spring last year.

Our old front door looked tired and had bang marks on it from moving in furniture, the paint had been chipped in areas and it just appeared "worn out". The color of the old door did not support our "house type". We have an "earth" house and the front door was black which reflects it as a "water house" in Traditional compass school Feng Shui. The new front door is now a rich dark earth brown color representing the "earth element".

During a Feng Shui Consultation I calculate your home's energy using ancient Chinese Feng shui formulas & compass directions that will determine which of the 5 elements your house represents. This information gathered from a Feng Shui Consultation is important in order to adjust your home to support you, for example, choosing the appropriate paint color for the front door or the color of the home's siding etc.

There are also different methods of Feng Shui that can assist you in choosing colors for your front door which are very effective.

I am not at all suggesting you must go out and purchase a brand new door. All it takes is a bit of paint and maybe a couple of lovely potted plants to flank your front entrance.

In Feng Shui, when personal energy is low or "stuck" it is usually due to our environment. Since we have had our new door installed I feel more energetic. I also was contacted by 3 new clients the week following the upgrade !

Here are a few Feng Shui tips for the front entrance of your home or business:

1. Keep your front door clean and in good working condition. Check the door knobs and make sure they are not loose. In feng Shui a loose door knob signifies "you cannot get a grip" on your life.

2 It is best not to have trees or utility poles directly in front of your front entrance. If it is not possible to remove utility pole there are Feng Shui remedies that can help. When something is directly aiming or in line with the front entrance it is known as "Sha Chi" which signifies negative energy or "poison arrows" aiming at the doorway.

3. Front entrance should have good lighting and be well lit for safety and to activate positive Chi.

4. Keep the area clutter free.

5. A curved path to the front door is beneficial.

6. The size of the front door should be in balance with the size of the house.

7. Flank bright flowers or pottery on each side of the door to "call in the positive Chi".

8. Use your front door at least once a day to allow the fresh Chi to enter.

If you are feeling "stuck" or need a boost to get you "recharged" implementing Feng Shui to restore balance can enhance your life. Feng Shui can benefit everyone. How about you?

Please e-mail me and we can set-up your complimentary chat.

Until then,

Happy Feng Shui,

Sherry Brouzes

Happiness Starts at Home

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