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"Feng Shui is arranging and organizing spaces to create balance and harmony. I apply my knowledge and Feng Shui skills to various environments, such as homes, offices, and gardens. By carefully analyzing the energy flow (or chi) within a space, I will help you create an environment that promotes positive energy flow and enhanced well-being. I will explain why I am recommending specific placement with elements or colours. I enjoy teaching my clients basic Feng Shui skills to enpower them. I incorportate the Colour Mirrors system, which supports your individual "inner Feng Shui" with Colour Mirrors readings and analysis. Colour Mirrors is an energy system based on colour therapy. This information gives me a deeper insight on how to help you identify specific areas in your life where you may need to shift your energy fieId. I apply my knowledge of aesthetics, colour theory, and spatial arrangement techniques to create soulful spaces for you. I utilize tools like floor plan software, compass software and virtual consultations to offer convenient solutions for clients who cannot meet in person." -Sherry Brouzes-

Credentials and Associations:
Sherry is an alumni of International Feng Shui School. She is a Feng Shui Interior Design graduate of the New York Institute of Art and Design. Sherry is a published author of a collaborative book "11 Pearls of Wisdom" and columnist for the United Colours of Design Magazine. Supporting local holistic groups she is also a member of Spiritual Niagara and occasional columnist for the Spiritual Niagara Insights monthly magazine. She is a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher. Sherry is a proud member and Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild.   

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Client Testimonials

“My family and I recently moved to a home we had purchased and used as a cottage but now moved into permanently and I felt the “energy” was off. We experienced some family illness; conflict and I simply felt the energy was “stuck.”

I had used a Feng Shui master in the past to remedy the energy in our previous home and the simple changes he advised us thru his complex calculations shifted the energy and the results were positive and successful.

I was seeking out a Feng Shui Consultant in this area and I am so grateful my search provided me with the amazing Sherry Brouzes.

I reached out to Sherry, and she immediately contacted me back, and I knew right away she would be able to help me.

I knew from previous experiences Feng Shui is more than rooms and directions and crystals. It can be that but it stems from multiple in-depth complex calculations, which most Feng Shui Professionals do not do.

Sherry is the real deal. She knows her stuff. She is precise. She is the ultimate professional and very knowledgeable and has expertise in Feng Shui.

I had several emails and phone calls with Sherry. I provided her the information and photos she requested and the results were AMAZING.

Sherry came to my home prepared and provided me with several reports and lots of information and material. She went above and beyond. I learned so much from her information, and Sherry was happy to explain anything I didn’t understand.

Sherry also generously offered me to reach out to her any time if I had any questions as I incorporated the remedies she suggested

I cannot recommend Sherry highly enough. More importantly, I can feel the energy starting to shift already. I look forward to the results from these remedies unfolding.

If you are considering hiring a Feng Shui expert, I wholeheartedly recommend Sherry and I assure you Sherry will do the same amazing job for you.”

Laurie M.

Dunnville, Ontario

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sherry on a Feng Shui consultation for my home. She was so knowledgeable, she took time to answer my many questions and she made the process easy, effortless and practical. Her positive energy and outlook is contagious.

I look forward to working with Sherry for many years in the future. In fact...when I find my next property she will be the first person I consult with".

     -Donna R.- Niagara Falls, Ontario

“After deciding to sell, I asked Sherry for her advice on how best to apply our home with Feng Shui for selling a house. Sherry is a wonderful person, friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She came to our place and gave me not only advice but also the reasons for her advice. Our session was enlightening and so much fun! I am pleased to announce that our home sold in 1 day for over the asking price! So whether you are selling or are just looking for better flow in your space, I highly recommend Sherry (Sherry Brouzes Feng Shui). You will be very glad you did! I know I am! Thank you, Sherry! You are amazing!”

-Lynn B.-- Fonthill, Ontario-

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