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What is studied in the course?


-Embark on a transformative journey with the Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course, where the power of colours comes alive.

- Engage in your personal and professional growth with a comprehensive online program that spans over 24 weeks (6 months) - the perfect duration to immerse yourself in Colour Mirrors 19 core colours and their profound impact on your life.

-You will engage in weekly classes on Zoom, each spanning 2.5-3 hours, allowing ample time to absorb and apply the wisdom gained. -----With a practitioner manual, charts, and support guides in the course, you'll have all the necessary resources to excel.


-Discover the history of the Colour Mirrors system and how the course will flow over the weeks. 

-There are over 87 dual coloured Bottle essential oils and over 50 Bottle  essences in the Colour Mirrors system

-Examine the meanings of Colour Mirror’s 19 core colours, including their positive and healing attributes

-Learn how each Colour identifies unconscious patterns that block and limit our full potential in life
-Discover the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual analysis of Colour
-Learn Chakra balancing with Colour
-Discover the new chakra colours and learn why they are changing in our evolving world
-Learn the association between past lives and Colour
-Study and align with the eight spiritual principles based on Melchizedek teachings and the link with Colour Mirrors for self-transformation and growth.

-Learn how to bring your new colour knowledge into your business, practice and own life
-Learn ten different types of colour readings using Colour Mirrors bottles and star chart
-Not to forget-working with Colour is fun!
-Student manual, Message in a Bottle manual and student support charts will be provided.

-The knowledge and skills you learn as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner will allow you to start your own business as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner. The course will also be an adventure of enlightenment of the soul as you study and immerse yourself in the colours each week.

Many students experience profound healing throughout the course. The Colour Mirrors system can be integrated beautifully with most holistic careers, such as Aromatherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Feng Shui, Massage, Astrology, Life Coaching, Art therapy, Energy Healing, and business professionals. (I have personally integrated Colour Mirrors with my Feng Shui practice.)



-Your investment for the Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course is - $2700 US / $3600 CAD / $2900 GBP

-You can choose a FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION to suit your budgetary needs - pay upfront for ease or opt for MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS that can be arranged for your budget. (We can discuss this in our Zoom meeting)

-Students are required to purchase a starter set of Colour Mirrors bottles before the course to work with during the course. The bottles will be shipped to your home. You will receive a list of bottles required for the course. You will be able to purchase the bottles as the course progresses over the period of the course or all at once.

-To address any queries or concerns about the course, I am pleased to offer private Zoom meetings where I will answer your questions about the course. You are under no obligation. Your privacy and confidentiality are secure throughout this journey.

- You will be able to begin working with clients immediately upon course completion. 

-You will receive a beautiful Certificate upon graduation and can list your name on the Colour Mirrors International website.

- I can work with you one-on-one if that is your preference. 

-Contact me to set up our discovery chat to learn more about the course if you feel your calling to work with the Colour Mirrors system.

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