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Virtual Feng Shui Consultations are now available on ZOOM. 

I use "Google Compass sites" to observe the landforms surrounding your property and taking compass readings calculate energetic formulas for analyzing the Chi flow of your specific home, condo or business.  I will require a floor plan of your main floor or a good sketch with accurate dimensions
 and photos or videos you can transfer by e-mail.  I will analyze your photos and work with the calculations just as I do on-site. Remote Feng Shui Consultations can be done today and are also available globally. I have done Consultations for clients in the U.S.A. and Europe, as well as in Canada.

I will send you a "Pre-Consultation" form to assist me in making the proper elemental placement and recommendations for better Feng Shui balance according to Traditional Feng Shui theory. This information helps me calculate how your personal Feng Shui energy interacts with your home or business. You will receive an individualized Feng Shui Report e-mailed & you may print it and it will give you all the instructions you require to balance the elements and energy in your home or business. 

You will receive ongoing support by e-mail or phone. I will also supply you with Professional Feng Shui resources you can print for personal use.



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