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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The following information is to help guide you through 2023. This is a guide for the Annual Flying Stars. *

CENTER - No remedy is required here for 2023. The Annual Flying Star #4 is known as the "Academic and Romance" star if you would like to add symbols of love, such as rose quartz, it would be an excellent choice to represent Intentional Feng Shui. Fresh flowers and fruit also benefit the Center as they represent abundance and happiness. It brings good energy for studying, writing and creative arts.


The Flying Star ‘Nine Purple’ flies into the North in 2023. Flying Star 9 star magnifies whatever other auspicious or inauspicious Flying Stars are in the same area. It is associated with festivities, fortune, abundance and joyous occasions. In 2024 this Flying star will become the most auspicious when we change from Period 8 to Period 9 in February 2024. We are in the last year of Period 8 in the Feng shui flying stars cycle. Each direction is associated with an element, a number, a zodiac sign, a body part, a family member and a direction. People born under the zodiac sign of The Rat will enjoy luck in this area. Activate this area with bright lights, candles and all shades of red.


The Flying Star 7, known as the ‘Robbery/Violence Star, ’ flies into the Northeast. The 7 star has inauspicious energy. It must be subdued with the water element. The 7 star is a metal star, and the water element will ‘rust’ the negative metal star's Qi reducing its strength. It is associated with accidents, more specifically, sharp and metal objects. It is very challenging for people under the Zodiac signs of the Ox and Tiger. Place water in the Northeast area of your home to balance the energy. Use water and all shades of blue or black. A large container of water, a tabletop water fountain or an aquarium is a good choice for the water element. The water element is associated with the colours blue and black. Wavy and undulating textures also represent the water element.


The Flying Star 2, known as the “Black Star,” aka ‘Illness Star’ flies into the East areas in 2023. This star requires the placement of the metal element to subdue its negative energy. It is essential for the health of anyone who spends much time in the East direction, especially for a bedroom. Use a large metal object that is substantial in weight, like a lamp, vase or gym weights. I suggest 30 lbs. minimum. If your house faces East and has a front door or bedroom in the East it is important to get the metal element in situ to maintain good health. Do not do any major renovations that include digging, banging or thunderous noise in the East direction in 2023 as the ‘Grand Duke,’ another inauspicious energy, flies into the East. A salt-ware cure is recommended in the East in 2023. The Rabbit in the Zodiac chart is primarily affected by this inauspicious energy in 2023. Avoid fire colours such as red, orange and purple.


The Flying Star 3, known as the ‘Jade Star,’ is a conflicting energy bringing arguments and lawsuits in family or business. This 3-star requires the Fire element to subdue the energy. Place bright lights, candles, and all shades of bright reds and oranges in the South East in 2023. The Zodiac signs of the Dragon and Snake will be especially prone to this negative energy in 2023.


The Flying Star 8, known as the “Wealth Star, “flies in the South direction in 2023. This is beautiful energy, bringing wealth and abundant luck. If your home or business faces South it is extra beneficial. Great direction for office and business. Spending time here in the South will activate this energy. Place bright red colours and intense lighting to enhance this auspicious energy even more. The Zodiac sign of the Horse will find luck with this direction in 2023.


The Flying Star 1 White, known as the ‘Victory Star, ’ flies into the Southwest in 2023. This star has auspicious energy that brings victory, success, wisdom and promotions. I suggest adding the water element to enhance this star even more. Shades of blue and black represent water elements in Feng Shui. This energy is auspicious for those born under the zodiac sign of the Monkey or Sheep (Goat).


The Flying Star 6 White star, known as the “Heavenly Star’ flies in the West direction in 2023. This auspicious energy brings celestial blessings, good partnerships, helpful mentors and good business relationships. The West direction is suitable for anyone born under the zodiac sign of the Rooster in 2023. Do not do any major renovations such as digging into the ground, banging or loud noises in 2023 in the West because the ‘Sui Po,” which is an affliction, moves to the West direction in 2023.


The Flying Star 5 yellow, also known as the “Disaster or Calamity Star’ flies into the Northwest in 2023. The 5-star can bring misfortune, disaster and very challenging energy. The North West areas require the METAL element to minimize this inauspicious energy. I advise a minimum of 30 lbs of metal. I also suggest adding 'moving' Metal, such as a clock with metal hands or a pendulum type of item. Stoves and refrigerators are considered a metal remedy in your home too. This energy is not beneficial for people born under the zodiac signs of the Boar (Pig) or the Dog. Getting the metal remedies in situ will balance the energy and reduce the negative afflictions. A salt water cure is beneficial in the North West also in 2024. Avoid fiery colours such as red, orange and purple in the North West in 2023.

Your remedies are recommended in situ before February 4th, 2023 and onwards.

*Please note these remedies may be a bit different than when you receive a personalized Feng Shui report as I include your "Permanent Energies" in your own house for calculating the "natal chart' of your home.*

Happy New Year, 2023 !


Please contact me if you would like a unique Feng Shui report specifically for your home or business.

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