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Sharp Corners in Feng Shui (Sha Chi)

Feng Shui Principles Can Reduce Sharp Corners that create "Sha Chi" in Your Home. One of the fundamental principles of feng shui revolves around avoiding sharp corners, which can create energy blocks and cause negative vibes in your living space. Sharp corners can create energetic blocks in your home, leaving you feeling uncomfortable or anxious without knowing why. Fortunately, using feng shui techniques such as choosing soft furnishings, hanging mirrors, hanging crystals and adding greenery can help reduce these harsh edges while making your design appear more balanced.

Choose Soft Furnishings One way to reduce sharp corners is to choose furniture with softer edges, like round or oval shapes, rather than square or rectangular ones. For example, consider a sofa with rounded corners and cushions instead of a couch with harsh angles. You can also implement this rule when selecting tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. Placing round or oval rugs on your floors also helps to soften harsh angles while providing a splash of colour or texture to the room. Finally, hanging a soft tapestry or fabric over sharp edges mitigates the Sha Chi in your home.

Hang Mirrors /Crystals Mirrors are commonly used in feng shui because they help deflect negative energy and bring light into dark spaces. This will help diminish the corner's negative energy while adding beauty and style to your space. Just be sure not to hang any mirrors directly opposite each other, as this could create too much energy flow in the room. Instead, hang a crystal from the ceiling where the 2 sharp wall points meet; the crystal energy will deflect the "Sha Chi" (negative energy). Also, don't place a mirror directly in front of your bed, as the energy is too energetically yang and may disrupt sleep patterns or cause nightmares. In Feng Shui myths, it is also believed that a mirror in front of the bed may "invite" a third party into the relationship as more people are in the reflection in front of the bed. In the front entrance, I suggest hanging a mirror on a wall to the side of the front door, not directly in front of the entrance, as it will push the Chi back outside.

Greenery Incorporating plants into your décor is an excellent way to counteract sharp corners since plants possess calming properties and represent growth and vitality. Place potted plants near corners with sharp edges for aesthetic appeal and energetic balance. Instead, choose low-maintenance plants such as succulents or air plants that require minimal care and attention. I suggest avoiding prickly plants as they cause more Sha Chi. Pointy plants such as cacti are lovely in areas with lower traffic volume or outside the garden and not directly in front of your entrance. Just as a spiky plant creates Sha Chi, so does anything with sharp, threatening points. Tables with sharp edges, chandeliers with pointy features, or even a display of exposed knives in the kitchen will evoke discomfort.

Until next time,

Sherry Brouzes Feng Shui

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