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Evolve and Enhance your life with Colour Mirrors and Feng Shui

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Evolve and Enhance your life with Colour Mirrors and Feng Shui to support and nurture you on your journey.

Colour Mirrors is an energy system of colour therapy that offers a unique and practical approach for shifting and raising vibrational energies. Every bottle of Colour Mirrors Oils and Essences is assigned a name & number with a specific message related to the colour or combination of colours. The coloured bottles you are drawn to will "mirror" blockages or issues you need to release or transmute in order to live to your full potential. Our colour choices are based on a physical, subliminal and cellular level.

Colour Mirrors Oils

Colour Mirrors Element Essences

These beautiful coloured bottles are suggested to be used as a high vibrational aromatherapy colour bath. It is suggested to use over a 3-week period, although it may vary depending on individual needs. You may apply the oils to pulse points on your body to clear and shift your energy field (aura). The bottles can also be used as a foot soak. The bottles work with our 'chakras,' which are energy centers in our body that may be out of balance. Using colour on the chakras can clear the energy that is stuck or needs to be released.

The feminine round-shaped coloured bottles may be used as a decorative item or to have close to you while meditating.

The Essence bottles are fragrant & created with high vibrational energy and easy to transport. They can be used anywhere for an instant shift of energy. The Essences are very effective for space clearing.

"By bringing the earth energies of flowers, crystals, water, and oil into a formula whose expression is colour, and by infusing that formula with the force of pure and conscious intent, Colour Mirrors transmits the voice of love not just to your mind but the cells in your body." ('The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors' book by Korani Connolly and Melissie Jolly).

Our environment is a reflection of our "inner" environment. I am pleased to announce I will be blending my Feng Shui services with the Colour Mirrors system to create a unique and soulful Feng Shui practice.

For more information, please visit my website to contact me:

Until next time,

Be Well,

Sherry Brouzes

Certified Colour Mirrors Teacher/Consultant

Certified Feng Shui Consultant


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