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Choosing raw or polished crystals for energy work.

I get asked this question being a Feng Shui Consultant as I work with crystals often to balance the energy in a home or space:

Crystals are truly mesmerizing, each a unique work of art created by nature. There are distinct energies emitted by raw versus polished crystals. It's a captivating contrast that speaks volumes about the power and wonder of these natural gems.

Raw crystals, freshly unearthed from the earth's depths, possess a raw, untamed energy that is simply stunning. Their jagged edges and unrefined surfaces seem to vibrate with an ancient, primal force, a direct connection to the elemental origins of our planet. These crystals emanate a grounding and stabilizing energy that is truly transformative as it invites us to sink our roots deep into our inner landscapes. I recommend using raw crystals in Feng Shui to balance the energy where the earth element is required.

In contrast, polished crystals radiate a more refined, harmonious energy. The meticulous smoothing of their surfaces has a calming, soothing effect, allowing their inherent beauty to shine forth.

Polished crystals tend to have a higher vibrational frequency, making them powerful tools for meditation, clarity, and spiritual growth. Their gleaming surfaces reflect the light in captivating ways, almost as if the crystal itself is radiating light from within itself.

Whether raw or polished, crystals are endlessly fascinating, each one unique in the profound mysteries of our Earth. Each crystal has its vibration whether raw or polished. It is up to you to choose the crystal that calls to you to use it for the highest good and always set your intention. Enjoy the contrasting energies they offer, and allow their magic to enrich your environments both external and internal.

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