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Boost your Feng Shui with the Colour Mirrors Angels

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We all seek balance and harmony in our homes and lives. Feng Shui is the art of working with the environment to activate auspicious Qi (universal life-force energy) flow to enhance areas of our homes where energy may be blocked or stagnant. If there are blockages in our homes from too much clutter or broken appliances, it reflects what may be happening in our inner Qi (aura/energy field). Do you feel blocked with money flow, personal relationships or career?

Look at the Feng Shui Bagua and the corresponding life aspiration areas on the chart below. For example, the if you feel a lack of financial flow or prosperity, the associated Classical Feng Shui Bagua area is in the South East direction (or the upper left corner of the Western Bagua).

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I find working with the Colour Mirrors system to boost, enhance, support and nurture the areas in our home is very effective. Colour Mirrors has a beautiful set of 'Angel Essences'; soft and loving scents. Beautiful colours ranging from red to lilac and clear. When you spritz one of these Angel sprays, your energy shifts quickly,

The Bagua Chart below displays the Colour Mirrors Angel Essences you can work with for your spaces and for your inner aura to support you on your journey. These Angel essences have high vibrational energy and work with your energy.

Follow Bagua Chart below for corresponding Angels to use in your space and home directions. Use the essence on your energy field when spending time in those areas.

*Example: If you are seeking more joy and creativity in your life, you can activate the West gua, called 'Children and Creativity". The Yellow Angel is an excellent Angel Essence for the West area of the Bagua. The colour yellow is associated with joy, optimism, intellect and sunny. The colour yellow is soothing for stress and confusion.

Call on these dynamic Colour Mirrors Angels to help support and nurture you and your home with these powerful and loving Angel Essences!


South East Gua- Red Angel of Miracles and Prosperity- This Angel will support your financial or health abundance intentions.

South Gua- Coral Angel of Manifestation and Magic- helps you find self-acceptance to shine your beautiful light.

South West Gua- Pink Angel of Love and Partnership- she will help you restore harmony to relationships and bring love to all situations.

West Gua- Yellow Angel of Joy and Wisdom- helps you let go of fear to have joy and creativity in your life.

North West Gua- Platinum Angel of Oneness- This Angel carries a pure high vibration and helps you connect with your guides, masters, stars, and heavenly realms.

North Gua- Blue Angel of Protection and Communication- this angel supports you to speak your truth to clear the way for your chosen life path or career.

North-East Gua- Lilac Angel of Prayer and Forgiveness- enhances your ability to connect through prayer and meditation for divine self-cultivation.

East Gua- Green Angel of Healing, Trust and Harmony- connects you with nature, decision making and space clearing for new beginnings. space clearing for new beginnings.

Center Gua- Gold Angel of Ascension- expansive and empowering, this angel connects you to your I AMNESS- Unity and connection to source.

For more information on Feng Shui and the Colour Mirrors system, please contact Sherry.


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