Multi-level homes & Stairways in Feng Shui.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Last week I was working with a client who had a gorgeous home in a lovely suburb very close to where I reside.

The house was meticulously landscaped. I stopped for a while and scoped out the neighbourhood looking over the "lay of the land" (Landform Feng Shui) which Is very important in Feng Shui for a Consultant in order to assess Chi (energy) flow.

I meandered up the curved walkway that leads to an incredible entrance suggesting "Welcome to our Home" and rang the elegant doorbell.

My client invited me into her home with a warm greeting. As I was removing my shoes my eyes were immediately drawn up to an open, wide stairway and at the top sat a beautiful terraced planter containing abundant herbs. The fragrance was pleasant and homey. I was so visually enthralled with the herb planter at the top I never even realized initially that I was entering a "split level" foyer. I could also feel the Chi rise as I Iooked up to see an exquisite crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling over the stairway. Crystals are used as a Feng Shui remedy to lift and maintain the Chi from rushing too quickly down the stairs.

In Feng Shui, this type of architectural structure is called a "scissors" stairway due to the 'split" view upon entering a foyer with 2 short sets of stairs one going up and the other down from the main foyer.