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INTRODUCTION TO “FLYING STARS” FENG SHUI Flying Star feng shui also known as “Xuan Kong Fei Xing”

Flying Star feng shui also known as “Xuan Kong Fei Xing” is known to be one of the most complex disciplines of Classical Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui is composed of many concepts and layers of complicated mathematical calculations. It takes a Feng Shui Practitioner many years of study and practice to learn how each of these ‘stars’ manifests their specific energies and how they affect human beings living in a structure. Flying Stars Feng Shui is a very effective way to obtain positive energy flow in your home. My hope is that you find this information interesting and enhances your knowledge of Classical Feng Shui. In Classical or Traditional Compass Feng Shui the “Stars” originated from stars of the “Big Dipper”. The seven visible stars of the Big Dipper and also two unseen stars known as the “Assistant Stars” part of the Great Bear constellation that makes up the nine “Flying Stars.”

The ancient Chinese Feng Shui Masters studied the movement of these stars and noted how the energy changed constantly on an hourly, daily, monthly and annual basis. They studied the sun, seasons, the moon, planets and magnetic energy of the earth. The ‘Stars” are each noted for their own specific type of Qi (energy) and are numbered and given names. The energy of the sun the position of the planets (heavens) and the earthly energies (magnetic compass) are the foundation for Flying Star Feng Shui based on Time Dimension. Astronomy, astrology and the environmental landform and magnetic energies are the foundation for Ancient Feng Shui principles that are still in use today all over the world.

Description of each of the Flying Stars Attributes from Flying Stars #1 to #9:

(Remember the term “Flying Stars” refers to Qi (stars energy patterns—some of these “stars” energies are “permanent” from when a house was built and also with stars that cycle through time and dimension)

#1 The White Star-Water Element-

This star represents Wisdom, Fame, Academic Success and Victory

#2 The Illness Black Star-Earth Element-

This star is negative star brings illness, sickness, accidents, poor health and bad luck

#3 Conflict Blue Star- Wood Element

This star represents arguments, robbery, lawsuits, anger and misfortune.

#4 Romance and Literary Green Star-Wood Element

This star represents romance, writing, academic talents, intelligence and creative skills.

#5 Misfortune Yellow Star-Earth Element

This star represents the most catastrophic of all the stars bringing accidents, pain, illness, calamity, family disputes and loss of money and even death. This star must be avoided and remedied.

#6 Heaven Luck White Star-Metal Element

This star is represented by windfalls, good blessings, attracts respect, and good fortune.

#7 Violent Red Star-Metal Element

This star can bring competition, destruction, scandals, arguments, fear and violence

#8 Prosperity White Star-Earth Element

This lucky and beautiful star brings happiness, wealth, fame, good health and career success or promotions.

#9 Magnifying Purple Star- Fire Element

This star enhances the other stars whether positive or negative stars.

* Please note the "Flying Stars" are associated with inauspicious and auspicious energy depending on the Period and whether they are in a "Timely" or "Untimely phase.


A Feng Shui Consultant/Practitioner will use the information that the Flying Stars provide to analyze patterns of energy of a house, business or any structure. When a structure is built it has a birth date. We must determine these patterns of energy which are formed inside of the building when it is built using Time, Dimension (the year the building was built), and Orientation (compass direction that the building faces or sits.) This energy pattern is called a Flying Star Natal Chart. Each building is divided into 9 equal parts or “guas”. There are the

eight sectors or “guas’ surrounding the center ‘gua’. Each ‘gua” represents one of the 8 directions, 8 life aspirations such as career, wealth, health, love, family, knowledge, fame and spiritual mentors. Every gua also represents one of the 5 elements known as Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Traditional Classical Feng Shui utilizes this method to get an original blueprint of the house and superimposes the grid over the floorplan of the house to track the energy patterns of the house. Every house has an individual energy pattern due to different shapes, sizes, locations and overall floor plans. That is why if a Feng Shui Practitioner comes to your house or/and your neighbour’s house even though the houses face the same way and are mostly identical there will ALWAYS be a somewhat different analysis and unique recommendation for each house.

Classical Feng Shui Practitioners strongly advise you get an annual update. Once you have an initial Consultation your Consultant can do an annual update for you and the fee is minimal. The annual energies ‘fly in’ or change around February 4th every year. Feng Shui follows the solar calendar. The suggested remedies in your home will enhance the positive annual stars and/or to neutralize the negative annual stars. The combinations of these stars give information that can predict certain energies that may occur in areas of your house. Monthly flying star patterns can be noted for important activities.

**Please note: This information is basic in order to give an intro to Flying Stars. There is much more involved in this area of Feng Shui practice. I do hope you find this information useful and interesting.

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