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Landscaping with Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the landscaping design follows the Intentional Bagua which is directional but does not use Flying Stars calculations for exterior work.

In my training with the International Feng Shui School, we divide the whole property into a 9 grid map. The compass direction is taken to discover the facing of your property to determine the Bagua grid.

Traditional Feng Shui requires a Compass or "Luo Pan" to analyze the energy of a home. I have attached an image of the Compass "Bagua" for you to visualize below. In Feng Shui, the Bagua can be superimposed over a floorplan to map energy flow. The Bagua is a very important tool to calculate energy flow (Flying Stars mapping). This helps me to determine the best elemental energy remedy for each sector in your home based on magnetic forces to enhance positive energy or to neutralize "challenging" energy. There are so many more methods used by Feng Shui Consultants for a Feng Shui audit. Feng Shui has many layers and the Consultant uses many of these skills for the analysis of a house or business. The Bagua and "Flying Stars" (Xuan Kong) "are very effective methods to manipulate Chi (Qi flow).

I chose to place our water feature in the Southwest sector of the "Bagua" or "energy map" in our backyard garden. The Southwest sector of the Bagua is one of the best compass locations to place the element of water during this Period 8 Cycle (2004-2024) through to 2024. It made sense to place the water feature here to balance my type of house (there are 4 house types based on direction, time & space and location.) Our Feng Shui analysis worked very well with our landscaping design. Feng Shui changes to the cycle Period 9 in 2024. The energies will shift and will affect the calculations of the "Flying Star energies" and for the next 20-year cycle in Period 9. The best areas for water placements for Period 9 will be in the Southeast and North directions. I will make adjustments and place another water feature in one of those areas in 2024.

Feng Shui energies change annually based on the Solar Calendar which begins around Feb. 4th. This is why I encourage the importance of an annual update of your Flying Stars for your home so you can adjust your elemental remedies every year.

Compass Bagua Map

As I write this blog and discuss Feng Shui and harmony I must admit I can hear outside and the water feature creates a very peaceful vibe.

After all, what brings more joy to the soul than swinging outside in a warm summer breeze? You can relax with your own thoughts or share the bliss of nature with a loved one by listening to the birds sing while the bubbling water pours down over the water fountain.

Water is very auspicious in Feng Shui as it represents Prosperity and Good Fortune. The word 'Feng Shui' actually translated from Chinese means "Wind Water". The wind disperses Chi (Qi) and water collects Chi (Qi). Water collects Chi therefore you can assume that areas surrounding clean water are "good Feng Shui."

I have shared many special moments in our ocatagon shaped gazebo in the warm days of summer with friends and family. My husband and I enjoy our little oasis where many of our plans for travel destinations have evolved over the years.

Before our Feng Shui Landscaping is completed

8 years after Landscaping with Feng Shui

Landscaping should be the jewel surrounding the home. Feng Shui design tools can help achieve these goals. We can use colours in our flowers and trees for pleasing visual scenes, the sense of sound can be enhanced with water features, birds chirping and chimes blowing in the breeze. Our sense of smell is heightened by the fragrances of the fresh-cut grass or flowering trees and plants. Lighting is also a very beautiful way to create an ambience in the evenings for outside entertaining. The variety of landscaping we choose such as mulch, river rocks, grass and textiles we use for our outside patio furniture & decorations can create a plethora of joyful sensations.

Our environment enhances our well-being and improves our health. Feng Shui is an ancient practice of energy flow & when practiced correctly will create a home or business that will support and nurture everyone.

Until next time,

Happy Feng Shui!

Sherry Brouzes

Activating love and happiness in your garden and home with Feng Shui is good for the soul !

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